Chief chef and chamber maid

Laura KelleyHi, I’m Laura, Top Chef on Time to Make the Brownies.  I’d like to say “Hi, I’m Bobby (Flay)” or “Hi, I’m Giada (de Laurentis)” because it would fit the random culinary theme I have chosen for this page.  It would also be funnier and maybe make you more likely to read my blog.  But that would be ripping off the witty style of another writer I recently came across, which is a lot like almost ripping off Martha Stewart…and nobody lacking a large team of lawyers rips off Martha.  So, for the sake of the college fund that I may someday actually establish, I’ll stick with my own name.

At the risk of defining myself entirely by the people I work to nurture into a mature and happy adulthood, I will also tell you that I am a married mother of two children, Griffin and Addison. 

Child #1, the Brain, is a kind, sensitive, funny boy who likes to copy and correctly complete the math homework of kids two grades ahead of him in school.  He is also a soccer, football, baseball and basketball player with the kind of eyes that make you understand why Maybelline invented Great Lash. (Hint: It’s because the universe has a sick sense of humor and only bestows thick, dark, beautiful eyelashes upon the male segment of the species). 

Too cool for school

Child #1 — Tool cool for school

Child #2, is a drama queen who likes to stomp her feet and slam doors.   

Child #2 - Just give her what she wants and she won't have to "disappear you."

Child #2 – Just give her what she wants and she won’t have to “disappear you.”

They are lovely human beings who nevertheless inspire many a “Where did you COME from?” kind of moments.  It is in these Precious Moments of my life that I occasionally wonder if they are really mine.  Then I dimly recall the pushing and set about finding a new place for the Naughty Stool.

I work from home as a corporate marketing professional, which can be loosely translated as taking nothing and turning it into something that people find interesting enough to at least talk about to their friends.  It’s a lot like writing a blog.  Although ultimately, I hope this is funnier.

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10 Responses

  1. Laura,

    Your blog is hilarious! Although I am not a mother, your stories crack me up. I’m looking forward to reading more soon. 🙂

    • Bette — Thank you so much for your kind words. I do hope you come back from time to time! I’m still trying to get into a regular posting groove, but at least I know the kids are good for a few reasonably entertaining stories a week 🙂

  2. Wow. You are an engaging and smooth writer.

  3. I can’t place yet, but there is something awfully familiar about the picture of the mother here.

    I am hoping I don’t have to warn you what happens if I find out you’re a vampire.

  4. Love your writing style, cracks me up! Lets hear some stories about that pile of a husband!

    • Jason — Thanks for checking me out. I’ve been MIA from blogging for a couple weeks. I need to get my act together. And don’t worry…the husband stories are coming. Oh yes, they are coming 😉

  5. i was reading too many blogs, and not enough words that went to print.

    Laura, please let your child#2 know I am NOT a dissident. swhchh-swhchh-swhchh-swhchh (up across right to left and a reverent small bauhow)

    can she find it in her heart to re-appear me?

  6. Great article you have send people like it and appreciate it. If you want to talk to chefs and share your thoughts visit Talk to Chef.

  7. I hope you liked my mothers profound way of describing child #2,in which if you haven’t figured out yet is me. Though I said profound, my mother shows very little knowledge of myself when writing about me (even though she has known me long enough to have some idea). I find it absolutely disturbing she describes my brother with such detail, then decides to describe me like Im her backup child for the perfect child who other wise is known as favorite child #1. You may have noticed I picked up some writing skills from my mother, but you probably don’t know that since the first time my mom started to write in her blog, I have grown into a lovely 11 year old whose mother has hidden her secret diary of how much she loves my brother and hates me for a good 6 years. Hopefully as I read through the other entries I will find she shows more affection to me as years go bye. -Unwanted child.

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